Eagle Mountain Lodge Coaching Retreats

eagle-mountain-lodge-coaching-retreatsA coaching retreat at EML is designed to take you away from your daily environment, into a place rich with quiet and the beauty of nature. Added to that is the opportunity to engage in purposeful conversation about the things that are most important to your life. Marcom and April Herren are Certified NeuroTransformational Life Coaches.  April is also a Master Certified Retreat Coach, and Marcom is a retired physician.

*All Coaching Retreats have a 3 Night Minimum.*

*Retreat fees include lodging.*



This personal retreat provides for 1 coaching session per day.  We’ll help you explore your needs and expectations for your retreat experience.

“Change of Pace + Change of Place = Change of Perspective” ~Mark Batterson


This retreat gives you 2 coaching sessions per day. One early in the day to set your intention (desires and needs) for the day.  And, one toward the end of the day to process the discoveries of your day.  This retreat is great for those working on specific issues and goals in their lives.

“The potential of a new brain requires a self-reflective mind.”
~ Rock and Paige (Coaching With The Brain In Mind)


This customized retreat is built for those who want to dig in deeply.  With coaching throughout, we will explore your story…who you are now, where you have come from, and where you will go next.


This retreat is self designed (by you) for solitude, contemplation, soul care, etc. Eagle Mountain Lodge isn’t a vacation destination, but a place of purposeful retreat and sabbatic.

“Our story is truer than any other reality we know, and each of us must discover the meaning of what God has written as our life story.” ~Dan Allender


High Camp Men’s Retreat

Hiker silhouette on mountain pic
We all want a purposeful and fulfilling life, but mostly we find ourselves in a rut, frustrated, and just plain uninspired. Even deeper, there is a gnawing fear that life is getting away and I’m not having the impact I know I was made for.

Is the last half of my life simply a decline toward insignificance?

I understand your fears and as a guy in my 50’s, I’m with you! I took this journey to find significance, transitioning from a financially rewarding career that left me feeling empty, to becoming a Life Coach and running a non-profit retreat center designed to help others find a vibrant and thriving life!

Introducing the High Camp Retreat! Life is a journey. After years of sweat, countless switchbacks, and trials, we climb to higher and higher ground. We’ve now reached a point where it’s time to break for High Camp stopping to unpack and consider where we’ve been. We must plan and prepare for the Summit climb, the pinnacle of this journey of a lifetime!

The High Camp Retreat will explore each man’s deepest desires and core values as he prepares to enter the last and most crucial half of his life. Spend four days and three nights at Eagle Mountain Lodge in northern New Mexico with a small group of like-minded men who want something more for their lives. We want to be Good Kings, Wise Sages! We want to reach the Summit of our lives!

Now is the time to act! Don’t look up and another decade has flown by! Let’s dig in and discover the deepest message God has written on your life and the great purpose he has been preparing you for. Register now for one of the few spots in this dynamic retreat. It’ll change your life…your legacy!

Women’s Retreat

Happiness is a breath away…

You are on your way to being your very best self! A self that understands where you came from, what has made you who you are now, and where you are going next. A self that embodies a peace and calm that is quite unusual for this time in history. And a self that loves well and lives big.

Come away to Eagle Mountain Lodge for a Women’s Retreat that will fill you with purpose, joy, and a renewed mind and heart! Our cabins are modern, cozy and provide for your every comfort. EML provides the beauty of mountains, woods, a pond, nature trails, a lake, wildlife and so much more in a safe and watched over 40 acre environment. I will walk along side you on your journey of discovery.

The foundation of each day will begin with a form of contemplation that you choose based on a handful of options and experiences that have been carefully chosen. You might have your own form of quiet time that you wish to use in a new environment. Or you might want to try something new to give you a fresh taste of the Lover of your soul. We will build each day upon your personal exploration of yourself…the very distinct and special YOU, by looking at your values, personality, and the unique story of your life. There will be experiential activities to help complete a whole self (heart, mind, body and spirit) learning process and send you home feeling like a refreshed, transformed and full of life YOU!!

Make your reservation today! Make that investment in yourself which will trickle down to all those you love and live with. Life is moving by quickly. You can’t afford to lose anymore time. There is so much MORE!!