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About Eagle Mountain Lodge


mclark_nmem_0815_260We are Marcom and April Herren and it’s so nice to meet you! Our “together” story began in the spring of 1984 at Abilene Christian University. Our first date was a Sadie Hawkins date and the theme that spring was “nail a male”. Well, the following summer we married so I guess you can say that the theme was very effective!

Here are some logistics…Our first four years of marriage were spent in Ft. Worth, TX. The following year was spent in Waco, and the next three years were spent in Chicago. From 1993 until December 2013 we lived and raised our family in Wichita Falls, TX. We now make Eagle Nest, NM our home.

Our marriage has been an “endlessly exciting adventure with God” (to quote Henry Blackaby). We have grown in our love through the “better or worse”, and continually journey to know all that life and love can give…together.

Several years ago we attended a workshop where we spent time discovering and uncovering our individual life missions. We found that together we shared a very similar dream. We envisioned a place of quiet and reflection in the mountains. A place where people could remove themselves from the stresses of life and come and sit with God and let His Creation speak to them.

While on vacation in Hawaii, Christmas 2011, we stumbled into that dream. Through a number of contacts that only God himself could have arranged, we came to know Charles and Jaime Wilson and thus Eagle Mountain Lodge. Two years later, we realized that dream and stepped into what He had prepared for us to do all along. Together we are so excited to be the hosts of this great Lodge and its ministry!

About Marcom

marcomI am a child of the sixties and seventies and the last of the Boomer generation. I was a small town, rural East Texas boy raised by my mom and grandparents. For me, family has always been a special thing. I graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1985, and that summer I married my incredible wife April. Following in the footsteps of my dad, I spent the next four years in Fort Worth, Texas where I attended medical school. This was followed up by four more years of training, leading us to Wichita Falls, Texas where we resided for the next 20 years. By the time it was said and done, we had three kids, multiple dogs, cats, horses and all that comes with such things. In January of 2014 we moved to Eagle Nest, New Mexico taking up the lodge and it’s ministry.

Those Wichita Falls years changed me immensely as I raised my family and built a medical practice. I began a spiritual journey that was quite unintended but thoroughly transforming, developing in me a new passion for God as my true Father. The gravity of this truth penetrated to the deepest parts of my heart and showed me a new way to really live that I hadn’t known before. It was, and still is, quite a thrilling and even painful process that God is forging in me.

These experiences brought me to my mission: to awaken the hearts of men to a passionate walk with God. I am excited to be on this adventure with God at Eagle Mountain Lodge.

About April

april-herrenI have spent the last three decades fully immersed in being a wife, a mom and a few other things along the way. There is nothing that fills my heart more, then to nurture the time we have together as a family, caring for their hearts individually and collectively. And Marcom has been my deepest connection pretty much from the moment of our first kiss! Our journey together has been an amazing ride.

In my life I have experienced many highs and many lows. These experiences have led me to my life mission: To recreate joy and freedom in the lives of hungry, searching women thru adventure and like-hearted fellowship. My work has been with ministries that emphasize the freedom and deep healing that is found in walking an intimate walk with Abba Father. I’m particularly interested in the interweaving of our physical lives with the spiritual. Many times the adventures we take are a perfect mirror of what we are experiencing in our day-to-day lives. I am passionate about His Creation, being outside and experiencing His beauty. I want to know life to the fullest as Jesus intended for us to experience. My life purpose is to be a compelling invitation into…a life of passion, peace, joy, love, connection, freedom, beauty, creativity, wildness, depth, truth, sincerity and fun.

Writing this all down looks great and I think, “yes”! But living it out is my quest. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a passion, drive and desire to walk along side others in exploration of these things. It is my joy to live this mission and purpose at Eagle Mountain Lodge!

Meet our family

Jenny, our oldest, and her husband Jacob live in Austin, TX. They both have BFA’s in painting and sculpture from Midwestern State University. Jacob works as a banker and Jenny teaches art and paints an interesting array of masterpieces.

Rachael lives in Santa Monica, CA with her husband Mark. Mark is a law student at Pepperdine University and Rachael is pursuing a career in Theatre and Film. She graduated from Baylor University with a BFA in Theatre Performance and a minor in Film and Digital Media.

Parker is our youngest and is a student at Texas Christian University. He is pursuing a degree in Dance with a second major in English.

These experiences continue to challenge me to grow into my mission: to awaken and free the hearts of men to a deep and passionate walk with God!

And then there is Chester The World’s Greatest Dog…yes that is his full name!
(Have you seen The Kid with Bruce Willis?)