Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Eagle Mountain Lodge intended for?

Eagle Mountain Lodge is a Christian nonprofit organization specifically designed to serve those who are seeking rest and renewal for their souls in a quiet and contemplative place.  We realize that people of all walks of life need time away to disengage and disentangle…to sort things out and experience God in new and fresh ways. Indeed it is incredibly beautiful here in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, thus we want for your focus to be purposeful and intentional, rather than seeing it as a “cheap vacation spot.” If you have any question in this regard, please don’t hesitate to call us to see if Eagle Mountain Lodge is right for you!

Can I bring my dog… or my kids?

In keeping with our mission, we are not a pet or kid zone.  We allow kids 16 and older to come with adults. The atmosphere is not like a summer camp, but rather an oasis in the mountains for retreat, contemplation, and relaxation.  We are careful to preserve this for the other guests that may be here at the same time you are. This is a great place for Mom and Dad to come away to…without the kids (or dog, cat, bird, snake, ect).

What should I bring?

When you arrive we’ll have a warm and comfy cabin ready to go!  You’ll have a bed with linens and blankets, pillows and towels. See the description of the cabins as well for more information about each one.

You’ll need the following:

–       Suitable clothing for seasonal weather.  Even in the summer, the evenings can be cool and you’ll want a jacket or sweater and perhaps even gloves.  Warm clothes for layering are recommended.

–       Comfortable, waterproof (if possible) footwear for walking on trails and being outdoors.

–       Warm comfy house shoes for inside your cabin.

–       Toiletries including shampoo, soap and any other personal items such as medications.

–       Sunscreen and lip balm, and a hat/cap with a brim.  (The sun can be intense at this elevation!)

–       Raincoat or poncho.  (For those afternoon showers.)

–       Water bottle.  (Must stay hydrated!)

–       Groceries.  There is a grocery store about 10 minutes away in Angel Fire if you wait until you get here.  (The kitchens are equipped with the basic utensils.)

–       Flashlight with batteries.

You may want the following:

–       Journal and/or reading material. (Each Cabin has a selection of books and audio resources that may peak your interest!)

–       Camera

–       Binoculars.

–       Backpack  and gear for hiking.  (There are 40 beautiful acres here on the property with nature trails for contemplation.)

–       Swimsuit and robe for the hot tub.  (Clothing is required!)

Things you CANNOT bring:

–       Cigarettes or cigars  (This is a nonsmoking environment.  It’s a big fire risk!)

– Campfire materials.  (Again, this is a big fire risk and often we are under county-wide open flame burn bans!)

Check-in and check out times?

Check-in is 2:00 PM and after.  If you are arriving early or late, please call ahead and let us know so we can prepare for you!

Check out is by 10:00 AM.  Again, if you need to have this adjusted let us know!

So what will I eat while I’m there?

Each Cabin is equipped with a kitchen including a cooktop, basic microwave, oven or  convection microwave, refrigerator, toaster, drip coffee maker and the necessary utensils.  You can either bring groceries or go shopping for them while you’re here. (There is a grocery store about 10 minutes away in Angel Fire.)  Everyday condiments are in your cabin such as salt/pepper, Ketchup/Mustard/Mayo.

Additionally, there are a number of really great restaurants and cafes nearby in Eagle Nest, Angel Fire, and Taos.  We’ll have a listing of some of our favorites for you when you get here.

What about TV, Internet, and Cell phone use?

Cell phone reception is usually good depending on your carrier, and you can usually get through.  The emergency number in case someone must get a message to you is (575) 377-3682.  The cabins don’t have TVs. There is no Internet service in the cabins, though Wi-Fi is available in the Loft Meeting Room.

Our recommendation is that you try and “unplug”.  Don’t let electronic devices distract you from the main reason you’re here…to get away from all that stuff!

What is there to do at The Lodge?

In keeping with the contemplative concept here at Eagle Mountain Lodge, we offer 40 acres of beautiful nature for you to explore including wooded trails, open meadow, and a relaxing gazebo beside a still pond that is perfect for simply sitting still beside or fly-fishing if that’s your desire (bring your own rod and tackle).  The Nature Trail takes you around the entire property and covers about 1.5 miles with benches along the way. (Hiking shoes would be recommended!)

In addition, there is a beautiful Prayer Garden that offer a quiet and still environment for prayer, meditation, or journaling.  There is a hot tub close by at The Lodge that’s available for use as well.

It is our encouragement that you find the peace that permeates Eagle Mountain Lodge whether on a walk through the woods, reading in a rocking chair on the cabin porch, or gazing at the stars from the hot tub.  Slow down and drink in the freshness of the piney woods and the towering mountains!

To borrow from Mark Batterson, “Change of pace + change of place = change of perspective.”  That’s what The Lodge offers!

What about the elevation?

Altitude related symptoms can happen to anyone, especially when coming to The Lodge, which is at 8500 feet of elevation.   One of the best ways to combat this is to hydrate prior to coming to elevation for several days and then to continue to hydrate when you get here.  Most folks don’t have any problems at all other than finding yourself a little winded when hiking around a bit or climbing stairs. It takes a few days to acclimate.  It’s just part of the experience! (If you have any serious concerns about this, we recommend you consult with your doctor prior to your visit.)